Angela Light | Licensed Real Estate Salesperson Inglewood

Licensed Real Estate Salesperson Inglewood

Angela Light

I can remember building houses out of lego and getting in the garden with my Grandparents when I was just a toddler. I guess that was an inkling of what my future career would be.

But before I entered the wonderful world of real estate, my previous work history included being a legal secretary for Council, office supervisory roles, bar and restaurant management - this taught me how to prioritize, meet deadlines and communicate with people.

During my younger years of working hard, saving for my dream car (but still having a few nights out in between), at the reliable age of 21, I bought my first house and was instantly hooked on DIY renovations and gardening.

Having personal experience with buying and selling family homes before I became a real estate agent, gave me a first-hand understanding of how overwhelming it can be. I'm here to genuinely help you make that selling or buying process less daunting.

By giving me the opportunity to work with you on your next property venture, you are choosing someone that is honest, reliable, loyal, experienced, friendly and compassionate. I'd like to help you achieve your goals, in the absolute best way possible, and as stress-free for you as possible.

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