Customer Care

At McDonald Real Estate our aim is to be 'second to none'.
In order to achieve and ensure we maintain this level of service, it was important to the company to establish a Customer Care entity.
Our Customer Care manager is here essentially to care for our customers. Whether it’s a person to call when you need an independent pair of ears to speak with or someone to call if you feel things are not going quite right.
She is here to listen to any concerns our customers may have and to guarantee that they are acted upon in the fastest possible way. This is extremely important for us in continuing to grow and advance our service.
We have found it can be easier for clients to have a facilitator to express their thoughts through, and she can then work on their behalf, being sure that any areas that need to be improved on are improved upon.
The Customer Care entity also ensures we have sufficient systems in place to ensure we can maintain an ongoing relationship with our clients and to continue a specific level of ‘warm fuzzies’.
This role is something that has been important to Peter McDonald to get established within the company over the years and it has now been up and running since 2006. Peter’s involvement in this role ensures he keeps his finger on the pulse of what is happening within the company.
By being a locally owned company and incorporating the Customer Care approach, we can ensure any problems are dealt with and our clients can be sure they will be heard.

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Customer Care Manager

Jakki Brodie

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